Treatment tables and microsurgery chairs from BRUMABA enable an ideal working position and back-friendly treatment at the microscope for the doctor and assistant. Work safety is increased by an integrated microsurgery ring close to the head and individually adjustable forearm supports. Viscoelastic padding and flexible reclining positions ensure professional and comfortable patient positioning up to 300 kg.

Multifunctional Operating Table PRIMUS

The BRUMABA operating table PRIMUS is multifunctional and comes with all the extras – from the three-dimensionally adjustable headrest to integrated standard rails in the stainless steel frame and the built-in footswitch for hands-free operation. The smart “Airplane” function ensures particularly back-friendly work. With a microsurgery ring in the head area, the surgeon receives targeted support for precise and safe work. The viscoelastic padding allows for comfortable and ergonomic patient positioning – even during long procedures.

Microsurgery Chair Balance Advance

The BRUMABA OP chair BALANCE ADVANCE has been specially developed for the requirements of microsurgery in close collaboration with surgeons and physicians. The result: three-dimensionally adjustable armrests for precise arm positioning and shoulder and arm relief during many hours of work. Ergonomically shaped seat and backrest support comfort and ensure a correct, healthy sitting position. Your advantage, which you will feel after the first few hours and – even more crucially – still after years.

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