In oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMF), precise work over long periods of time is essential. This is because complicated and time-consuming procedures are not uncommon in oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery and implantology. Interventions over long periods of time also require the fullest concentration of oral surgeons over the entire period. BRUMABA products support you precisely in these demanding activities by providing the best possible access to your area of operation. Even during apicoectomies on tooth 37 / 47, a sinus lift or a wisdom tooth removal in the maxilla, the BRUMABA operating table can be adjusted so that you have ideal access to the surgical site. The simple and intuitive handling of our tables facilitates the entire surgical procedure – from preparation to hygienic reprocessing after surgery. Patients benefit from ergonomically shaped cushions through to a specially shaped and flexibly mounted headrest, which makes even long procedures more pleasant by providing maximum comfort.

We know the requirements for a perfectly equipped operating room in the oral surgery practice or oral clinic and will be happy to advise you on the choice of the ideal BRUMABA product.

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