BRUMABA – Operating Tables Made in Germany

BRUMABA ensures a smooth, efficient and long-term economical operating procedure while providing fatigue-free and relaxed working conditions for the surgeon and optimal positioning of the patient. BRUMABA products offer an edge in functionality, ergonomics, reliability and durability. BRUMABA products help to make surgical procedures and medical treatments smooth and effective. Our company stands for innovative, high-quality and well-designed products that customers can rely on 100% at all times.

Continuous growth and regional solidarity

In 1980, Herbert Brustmann, a trained physiotherapist, developed a treatment table with improved comfort for therapists and patients. The success of this couch laid the foundation for our company. By the way, the name BRUMABA originated from the abbreviation of BRUstmann-MAssage-BAnk and has served as the company and brand name of the family business since its foundation.


The family business.

Today, BRUMABA is managed in the second generation by Benedikt and Sebastian Brustmann. The brothers have been active in the company for many years and ensure that BRUMABA’s values are actively lived out in every respect.

Our values determine our actions.

Our success is based in large part on our values as a family-owned company. Quality, reliability, a strong sense of “we” and mutual respect are a matter of course for us and give our company stability. The principles of sustainable corporate management – long-term responsibility towards customers, the environment, society and our employees and partners – are an important criterion of our daily actions.

Reliable, robust and durable.

BRUMABA tables, “Made in Germany”, are robust and reliable working tools for many years. For over 40 years, we have followed our principle of ensuring that our products have the longest possible service life, from the initial idea to the design and materials used, right through to their long-term operation.

An essential point in new developments of BRUMABA products is therefore, for example, the “backwards compatibility”. This allows the use of new accessories also on existing operating tables. “Made in Germany” not only means reliable manufacturing processes in times of crisis, but also effective and reliable cooperation with long-standing suppliers. And technical support for BRUMABA products is also organized out of Germany.

If a BRUMABA operating table is replaced at the end of a long product life, BRUMABA can refurbish such products and provide “second product life”. BRUMABA batteries are taken back and either regenerated or disposed of properly.

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BRUMABA headquarters in Geretsried

BRUMABA manufactures its operating tables, chairs and accessories at its headquarters in Geretsried, Germany. All products are “Made in Germany”. Worldwide, BRUMABA products are available through a network of over 40 BRUMABA certified distributors in over 80 countries.

Quality management

BRUMABA GmbH & Co KG has been working with a quality management system for many years and is currently certified according to EN ISO 13485:2016. In the future, BRUMABA will continue to develop its set design and quality standards.