Surgical interventions in the eye area (ophthalmology), such as glaucoma operations, cataract operations or eye muscle operations, require a high degree of flexibility in terms of accessibility to the eye and reliable stability during the very difficult operation. To make the workplace ideal for the surgeon, BRUMABA operating tables and operating chairs offer handling tailored to this specific use. Thus, they allow an ergonomic working posture for the medical team at all times, as well as relaxed positioning for the patient. Finely adjustable armrest settings on BRUMABA operating chairs provide comfortable support during longer procedures. The almost unrestricted mobility of BRUMABA operating tables also enables efficient and economical OR organization, as rapid rotation is possible in inpatient or practice operations (especially when using multiple OR tables).

We at BRUMABA have gained experience with our products in ophthalmology for many years and will be happy to advise you in choosing the ideal BRUMABA product.

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