Modern OR Organization: Saving Time and Money with the Intelligent Rotation System

In today’s world, medical facilities are faced with a dual challenge: they must not only provide care to an increasing number of patients in less time but also manage the growing economic pressure in OR (Operating Room) administration. In this context, time is quite literally money. Every minute counts. That’s precisely why we’ve developed the BRUMABA Rotation System. This innovative system with mobile OR tables not only offers greater efficiency but also enhanced comfort for your patients.

Here’s how the BRUMABA Rotation System works:

1. Comfortable Entry

Easily and continuously adjust the OR table in height and position so that your patients can sit comfortably and safely.

2. Back-Friendly Patient Transport

Effortlessly slide the patient into the OR thanks to ergonomic handles and smooth-running wheels.

3. Preoperative Preparation

Place the patient in the appropriate surgical position at the push of a button: With the memory function, you can easily save frequently used positions.

4. Ergonomic Surgery

Adjust your BRUMABA OR table to operate comfortably and ergonomically – the table adapts to your working posture, not the other way around. This allows you to work comfortably over extended periods.

5. Relaxing Postoperative Positioning

After the operation, your patient can be effortlessly moved to the recovery room and assume an ergonomic relaxation position to recover from the surgery.

6. Safe Exit

When your patient is ready, you can easily adjust the OR table in height and position to allow your patient to exit comfortably and safely.

Patients remain comfortable and secure on the operating table throughout the entire process, without the need for complex repositioning. This not only enhances patient comfort but also significantly facilitates the work of the OR staff. When multiple OR tables are used simultaneously, it ensures a seamless workflow around the surgery, undoubtedly providing significant convenience and time savings for you, your team, and your patients.