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PRIMUS operating table

40 years of experience in one product.

Our BRUMABA operating table PRIMUS represents over 40 years of experience and innovation. First choice when it comes to finding the best solution for a wide variety of operational areas of application. Multifunctional and including all extras – from the three-dimensionally adjustable headboard to integrated standard rails in the stainless steel frame to the integrated foot switch for hands-free operation. And of course also equipped with the smart airplane function – for work that is particularly back-friendly.

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The premium operating table

The PRIMUS embodies Made in Germany down to the smallest detail. The elegant design enhances every operating room. It is fully functional even for patients weighing up to 300 kg and, thanks to the smooth-running castors, can be driven as light as a feather even under maximum load.

“You can recognize the craftsman by the tool”

Herbert Brustmann (founder of BRUMABA)

Cost efficiency through quality

BRUMABA operating tables are mobile and therefore manoeuvrable and very flexible to use. Thanks to the smooth-running castors, the operating table PRIMUS can be driven as light as a feather even with a maximum load of up to 300 kg patient weight. The often necessary repositioning of the patient is no longer necessary – both when preparing the patient for the operation and when relocating the patient to the recovery room after a successful operation. This not only saves valuable time, but is also very economical for efficient operating table rotation.

Extra slim design

The particularly slim design of the PRIMUS operating table, as well as the special standard rail system integrated in the stainless steel frame, ensure that surgeons who operate in a sitting or standing position always have optimal access to the patient with maximum legroom. In this way, you maintain your operative distance from the surgical field in a relaxed and upright position.

PRIMUS operating table Features

The unique “Airplane function” gives you better access to the patient. The lateral longitudinal axis tilt allows you to tilt the surgical field towards you, thus protecting your back and your health in the long term. In short: the operating table adapts to your posture and not vice versa. When relocating patients, the process and effort involved are greatly simplified.

  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Standard rails integrated into the frame rotated 90°
  • 1-2 weeks of battery operation per charge
  • Airplane function (longitudinal axis tilting)
  • Manual remote control Foot switch (optional)
  • Memory function with 8 programs Telescopic head section with head rest 3-dimensionally adjustable head rest
  • Back section extension for length adjustment
  • 300 kg maximum patient weight
  • 35 cushion colors
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Technical Details
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Total width (mm)


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Min. height without cushion (mm)


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Axial tilt right (°)


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Frequently asked questions about PRIMUS operating table

What are the advantages of the PRIMUS operating table?

BRUMABA operating tables such as the PRIMUS can be fitted with an undercarriage. This makes the PRIMUS an ideal solution to design workflows and patient transport flexibly and, most importantly, effectively. Using the battery-operated PRIMUS operating table also allows you to avoid installation of electrical cables. This allows the PRIMUS to be used in any room and you can also prepare the patient for surgery on the operating table in a preparation room. This means that is not necessary to reposition the patient and they can instead be transported directly from the preparation room to the operating room. This saves a huge amount of time in the surgery schedule. The easy-to-operate locking brakes and the flexible adjustment functions ensure stability and precise work during surgery. The ergonomic positioning not only benefits your patients, as BRUMABA operating tables also allow surgeons to maintain a back-friendly working position.

Which positions are possible on the BRUMABA PRIMUS operating table?

Different medical fields of expertise require different things from operating tables. The various settings allow BRUMABA operating tables to be optimally configured as regards patient positioning as well as to your specific operating processes.

Position options at a glance:

  • Comfortable 90/90 position
  • Sitting position for patient access
  • Prone position
  • Lateral position
  • Lower jaw position
  • Upper jaw position
  • Trendelenburg position
  • Lithotomy position
  • Beach chair position

Do you have any questions on specific requirements? We’re happy to help!

How soon can the BRUMABA PRIMUS operating table be delivered?

BRUMABA operating tables are made in Germany and are now exported to over 80 countries. Delivering the operating tables within Europe usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. Outside Europe, delivery times vary depending on the country and transport time.

Does the BRUMABA PRIMUS operating table comply with general legal standards?

BRUMABA operating tables are made exclusively in Germany with a great deal of care. The BRUMABA company is certified in line with EN ISO 13485 and subjects itself to stringent quality management. As medical devices, the operating tables are tested according to the following standards:

IEC 60601-1 “Medical electrical equipment” and

IEC 60601-2-46 “Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of operating tables”

Furthermore, BRUMABA operating tables are tested for biocompatibility and safety of the available software.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions regarding compliance!

What sets BRUMABA operating tables apart from conventional operating tables?

BRUMABA operating tables were specially developed for the requirements of medical professionals. The current product portfolio reflects our many years of experience in manufacturing and practical application. The BRUMABA Primus stands out with its Airplane function. This term describes the lateral tilting function, which grants the surgeon optimal access to the operating area for an ergonomic, back-friendly working position.

All BRUMABA operating tables are manufactured in Germany have been undergoing constant development . The continuous development of the BRUMABA operating tables ensures that changing demands from hospital and practice settings influence future products. BRUMABA operating tables not only represent high quality standards, but also well-balanced functionality and safety in the operating room. This is another way in which BRUMABA operating tables contribute to efficient workflows in your operating room.

How is technical support for BRUMABA products organized?

BRUMABA operating tables and chairs are manufactured in line with high quality standards. Before being shipped, BRUMABA products are tested according to strict standards and registered in detail.

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