Thanks to our close cooperation with dermatologists, we are able to understand your needs and ideas and develop individual solutions. Our specially designed BRUMABA operating tables and operating chairs offer customized solutions for dermatology / dermatosurgery and are an indispensable tool to provide you and your team with pleasant and ergonomic comfort even during longer operations.

  • The slim and aesthetic design of our operating tables for dermatology/dermato-surgery not only looks great but also provides excellent access to any part of the patient's body. This allows you to get closer to the operating field and work ergonomically without bumping into the table. Additionally, you have the flexibility to operate while standing or sitting, depending on your individual preferences and needs. The "Airplane function" further facilitates this – tilt the operating table sideways to effortlessly and comfortably place stitches, for example.
  • BRUMABA operating tables adapt to your daily routine in dermatology/dermato-surgery, not the other way around. They can be adjusted and tilted so that you can work comfortably and ergonomically. The operating tables can be individually adjusted from a lying to a sitting position and in height. The convenient memory function restores frequently used positioning at the touch of a button.
  • Want to work independently of your assistant? The intuitively operable footswitch makes it possible! You don't have to leave the sterile operating field to operate the footswitch.
  • Our seamless pads are easy to clean and meet the highest hygiene standards in the operating room. They also impress with their special padding – allowing you to position your patients in the most comfortable and ergonomic way possible. Choose your operating table from a color palette of 35 harmonious colors.
  • Did you know: BRUMABA operating tables are also suitable for heavy patients and guarantee full functionality up to 250-300 kg of patient weight. Your patients will always be safely and comfortably positioned, whether small or large, light or heavy.
  • Use our BRUMABA operating tables for dermatology/dermato-surgery with unrestricted mobility. The reliable battery and mobile chassis make BRUMABA operating tables particularly flexible. You can easily move the operating table within a room with just 2 fingers or use it for longer transport distances. Repositioning the patients is no longer necessary!
  • BRUMABA operating tables for dermatology/dermato-surgery stand for high-quality, stable, and durable stainless steel construction - Made in Germany. Additionally, BRUMABA operating tables are characterized by low-maintenance technology. Complex installation is not required for our operating tables. They are ready for use immediately. Many of the BRUMABA operating tables sold since 1980 are still in use today. The quality of BRUMABA operating tables speaks for itself.

At BRUMABA, you receive tailored service that meets your needs. As a family-owned business, we value the personal care of our customers. BRUMABA products are continuously evolving to ensure they meet the highest standards. The focus is on the ongoing innovative adaptation of our operating tables to the needs of medical professionals. Through the functional and thoughtful accessories of our products, you can minimize physical strain during surgery and assisting. With BRUMABA, you are making a sustainable investment in your health.

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