Numerous feedback and suggestions from surgeons in outpatient surgery centers are invaluable to us at BRUMABA. They help us to design innovative operating tables that are optimally tailored to your needs. With the help of your expertise, we not only refine our products technically, but also offer you the best comfort, highly functional ergonomics and maximum safety.

  • Using the low-tech option, we design our BRUMABA operating tables for simple and uncomplicated handling during outpatient operations. We make it easier for you and your medical staff to operate the operating tables so that you can concentrate fully on the care of your patients.
  • BRUMABA operating tables are versatile. This gives you the option of adapting our tables to different surgical needs during outpatient operations. We have designed various adjustment options so that you can perform different outpatient operations.
  • You can even tilt our PRIMUS and VARIUS operating tables sideways with the airplane function – a real game changer for numerous operations. Work comfortably and without physical strain, even over long periods of time.
  • Our operating tables have an open fastening system that is compatible with various adapters in the outpatient department. This allows them to be flexibly adapted to a wide range of accessories and medical devices.
  • Use the intuitive foot control to adjust the outpatient operating table independently. This means you remain stable and are not constantly dependent on your assistant in the outpatient department.
  • Our cushions not only meet the highest comfort standards, but also all hygiene requirements for outpatient operating rooms. You will be delighted with the ease of cleaning and our wide range of 35 colors.
  • Position patients of any stature and weight class on our ambulatory operating tables (up to 250-300 kg patient weight).
  • Benefit from the unrestricted mobility of your BRUMABA operating tables in the outpatient department. Reliable batteries and trolleys ensure smooth operation. Move the operating tables within the outpatient department or on other transport routes. No complicated repositioning of your patients, no heavy operating tables: you can push our models easily with just 2 fingers.
  • High-quality, stable and durable stainless steel constructions and low-maintenance technology ensure the best quality from Germany. Our operating tables have been in use since 1980 – and remain reliable. Another advantage is that you do not have to carry out expensive or complex installation work. Simply set up our operating tables in the outpatient clinic and you’re ready to go.

As a family-run company, we focus on personal contact with you. You will find that we offer individual solutions and a tailor-made service and are happy to listen to all your questions. At BRUMABA, we focus on the continuous improvement of our products. We focus on continuous innovation and adaptation to your needs in the outpatient clinic. Our operating tables and chairs meet the highest standards, and BRUMABA operating chairs and accessories are the ideal complement to minimize the physical strain of operating and assisting. See our operating chairs for your outpatient clinic as a sustainable investment in your own health and that of your team.

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