GENIUS EYE operating table

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GENIUS EYE operating table

Perfect working ergonomics in ophthalmology:
Your back will make eyes

BRUMABA has developed the GENIUS EYE as a mobile operating table especially for ophthalmology. You can adjust the headrest in three dimensions, so you always have a perfect view of your patient’s eye and the head and neck are supported comfortably and stably. Even in the covered state, you can readjust the patient position thanks to the automatic length adjustment of the head shell.
Excellent legroom and optimal access for the surgeon provide perfect working ergonomics and space for your microscope and phacoemulsification foot controls.
Sit with your back upright and the BRUMABA operating table will do the rest.

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GENIUS EYE standout features

  • High-quality, stable and durable stainless steel construction for maximum durability “Made in Germany
  • Three-dimensionally adjustable headrest
  • Integrated armrests for easy arm positioning
  • Optimal access and generous legroom thanks to slim design
  • Comfortable upholstery in 35 different upholstery colors
  • Time-saving memory function: storage of up to 8 frequently used positions for efficient surgical procedures
  • 1-2 weeks of battery operation per charge guarantees reliable OR operation
  • Trolleys with lift-brake system for maximum mobility and safe standing at the same time
  • Up to 250 kg patient weight with full functionality
  • Low-maintenance technology for a long service life
  • No expensive and time-consuming installation, you can start right away
A perfect view of the eye

Many medical facilities are familiar with this problem: More and more patients have to be treated in increasingly smaller time windows. At the same time, economic pressure is increasing due to OR management. Our solution: The BRUMABA rotation system. It enables more efficiency and at the same time more comfort for your patients. Your assistant prepares the next patient for surgery while you operate in an ergonomically comfortable position. The previously operated patient can be easily moved to the recovery room and wake up in a relaxed position at the push of a button.

If you use several operating tables in parallel, an ideal workflow is created around the eye surgery: each patient remains comfortably positioned on his or her operating table during the entire cycle. A proven relief for you, the staff and your patients.

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