Genius operating table

A GENIUS in PREMIUM quality!

Genius operating table

A GENIUS in PREMIUM quality!

A genius in premium quality with a great price/performance ratio.

GENIUS is a high-performance, high-quality operating table. You can individually adapt it to your speciality for seamless integration into your surgical workflow. Versatile adjustment possibilities and a wide range of accessories provide for even more customisation options. With Genius, you can enhance all aspects of your daily medical work, while at the same time making it noticeably easier.  

Due to its top price, GENIUS is the best choice if you want to open a new practice or if you are looking for an economic solution in general. This is made possible by the use of first-class alternative materials! GENIUS features the superior functions and sophisticated technology that are typical for brumaba products. 

    Advantages of the GENIUS at a glance

    • Individually adjustable working height
    • Telescopic head section with horseshoe-shaped headrest for perfect positioning of the patient's head
    • With the memory function, your main patient positions are available at the push of a button
    • Adjust the length with the back section extension to position very tall patients ergonomically

    Technical ingenuity and maturity

    The outstanding functional performance of the brumaba GENIUS becomes clear just by looking at its basic features. Carry on reading and we will explain to you all the things it can do:

    • Telescopic head section with horseshoe-shaped headrest
    • Memory function with 8 programmes
    • 230 V mains plug operation
    • Back section extension for length adjustment
    • Remote control
    • Telescopic column Genius, adjustable from 585-865 mm
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Fixed base plate L: 760mm - W: 430mm
      Fahrgestell Standard


    • 24V DC battery operation
    • Dual telescopic column Genius, adjustable from 520-950 mm (+ 10 mm / -0 mm)
    • Foot control (type III)
    • Genius fixed wheel axle
    • Genius steering castor undercarriage
    • 2 GUIDE DRIVE "CL" GENIUS undercarriage (L 850 mm, W 508 mm, wheels 80 mm)
      Fahrwerk 2-Guide-Drive
    • 4 EASY DRIVE GENIUS undercarriage (L 905 mm, W 600 mm, wheels 120 mm)
      Fahrgestell Original

    With a wide range of options, you can precisely adapt the GENIUS to your needs. Among other attributes, you can choose from the following:

    Undercarriage and foot control
    In the standard version, the GENIUS comes with stable feet. If you need the table to be mobile before, during or after surgery, choose one of the two undercarriage versions. With two or four smooth-running, hygienically sealed steering castors, you can bring the patient table into the correct position for the next step of the procedure. The optionally available foot control ensures that all functions can be operated without contamination.

    The four basic models of the GENIUS differ in their telescopic columns and in the power supply (with or without cable).

    Battery packXX
    Single telescopic columnXX
    Dual telescopic columnXX


    You can also choose from three stand/undercarriage variations:

    • 2 solid axles with 4 feet
    • 1 fixed wheel axle and 1 steering castor undercarriage with brake
    • 2 steering castor undercarriages with front and rear brake

    A performance profile that is quite something

    Max. length2000 mm
    Max: Width560 mm
    Net weight140 kg
    Max. patient weight250 kg
    Single telescopic column585-865 mm
    GENIUS dual telescopic column520-950 mm 
    (+ 10mm/ -0mm) 

    Outstanding in combination with special accessories

    brumaba has a wide range of accessories for your innovative GENIUS operating table. You can choose from this range to customise your GENIUS to the specific tasks and requirements of your specialist surgical practice:

    Product video

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