Optimal working ergonomics and patient positioning on the operating table

First BRUMABA workshop "Ergonomic Concept" – a complete success!

Milan, May 12, 2018
BRUMABA Germany and BRUMABA Russia have jointly invited Russian maxillofacial surgeons for the first workshop "Ergonomic Concept" to Italy and Germany May 10th to 12th 2018. The specialists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kransnodar accepted the invitation to understand more about optimal patient position and fatigue-free work on the operating table. As a partner for the first workshop of this kind, BRUMABA is proud to appoint renowned dentist and oral surgeon Dr. Massimo Mazza (www.zeroinon.it) from Milan.

Dr. Massimo Mazza – a convinced BRUMABA customer for more than 15 years – with more than 10,000 implants, 10,000 crowns and more than 30,000 hours on the microscope (according to www.massimomazza.it) truly no “lightweight” of maxillofacial surgery, gave the BRUMABA allowed deep insights into optimal working ergonomics and fatigue-free working with a healthy posture. Dr. Massimo Mazza: "Correct working attitude must be learned and trained. Basic setting options of the table must be known by heart". The maxillofacial surgeons from Russia were therefore familiarized with all table setting options at Dr. Mazza’s clinic in Milan. Certain basic prerequisites for relaxed and comfortable patient storage, the second important facet of successful and relaxed surgery for doctors and patients, was thoroughly discussed.

The journey continued to Geretsried, headquarters of BRUMABA. BRUMABA employees presented products and functionalities of the BRUMABA program in a detailed product training; extensive testing and detailed talk-shop included. Additional highlight: A visit to the production of BRUMABA, normally closed for the public. Literally a privileged insight in where the "Made in Germany" heart of BRUMABA beats.

BRUMABA would like to thank all Russian doctors traveled with us through Italy and Germany to attend to the first BRUMABA Workshop "Ergonomic Concept". Dr. Aleshina Olga, Dr. Aleskerov Elchin, Dr. Losev Fedor, Dr. Khatit Ruslan, Dr. Ivan Generalov and Andrey Zharikov. Special thanks to Dr. med. Massimo Mazza and his team from Milan (www.zeroinon.it) who essentially contributed to the success of the "Ergonomic Concept" with precise explanations.

Following the consistently positive feedback from all participants, BRUMABA intends to continue to design workshops of this kind in the future and to invite customers, friends and fans.

Holger Pigors
BRUMABA GmbH & Co. KG, Director Product Management, Sales & Marketing

For more information about Dr. Mazza and his activities, please click:
www.massimomazza.it or



Dr. Massimo Mazza in his element



Deep insights into optimal positioning on the BRUMABA table



A glimpse into the production at BRUMABA


Certificate for the participants of the workshop


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