BRUMABA at the ISAPS 2018

Best (Halloween) mood in Miami


November 4, 2018, Miami - BRUMABA presented its products in a relaxed atmosphere at the ISAPS 2018 in Miami. The customized surgical table systems for plastic surgery were well received. Was it the Halloween mood? “The atmosphere was great“, says Sebastian Brustmann, and Benedikt Brustmann (both owners of BRUMABA) adds with a smile," it's just the effect of word of mouth". And that means literally: BRUMABA international has long since arrived in plastic surgery. Halloween, or not Halloween, that’s not the question.

Many compare the customized operating tables for plastic surgery by BRUMABA with luxury automobiles from Germany. But honestly, investing in one of a surgeon's key tools is not about luxury, though. Unless one considers as a luxury, that

- you can position your patients without harm to your back,
- failures of your operating table (associated with high costs) simply do (almost) not exist,
- seamless and removable upholstery meets the latest hygiene requirements and last but not least
- you always enjoy the best legroom when sitting or standing thanks to the slim design.

Yes, then you could really understand BRUMABA tables as a luxury. And as we are already comparing with vehicles: Incidentally, we use stainless steel and no painted sheet metal.

The next ISAPS will be held in 2020 under the leadership of the newly appointed President Dr. med. Dirk Richter, chief physician Wesseling instead. We are looking forward to it. In this sense: Goodbye Halloween and Hello Wien.



BRUMABA Owners Sebastian und Benedikt Brustmann


Sebastian Brustmann with customer


High frequency @ the Convention Center Miami South Beach


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