ESCRS 2017 in Lisbon

Very successful for BRUMABA

In Lisbon, the Who's Who of European Eye Surgery met for the 35th time. The ESCRS is of particular importance, also for BRUMABA.

The ESCRS is the platform for an intensive exchange of experience between education, practice and industry and, for BRUMABA, a meeting place with European partners and partners from the Arab world, Asia and America.

The visitors, many from Eastern European countries – above all Russia – took the opportunity to find out more about BRUMABA products or to acquire them directly. In particular, the "Genius Eye Pro" exceeded expectations.

The ESCRS 2017 in Lisbon has been very successful for BRUMABA and the preparations for 2018 are starting "almost immediately". As the saying goes, after the ESCRS is before the ESCRS: We are looking forward to seeing you again in 2018 in Vienna.



The new "Genius Eye Pro" surpasses all expectations / High frequency on the BRUMABA booth


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